Dwayne Johnson's 4 Keys to a Better Health

I didn't get to interview Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson but hey there's enough quotes circulating the net to get you going in the right direction towards a better and healthier you!

Success isn't overnight!

Success isn't overnight. It's when everyday you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up.
When you start a diet, maintain an exercise regime, or stop a bad habit, you have to remember that small progress is still progress. You have to be thankful for the little things you do for yourself everyday. Even if it's just one sit-up more than the three you did yesterday, that's something. You are already ahead than everybody else because you did it again and you did more.

Hey, I used to have my belly touching the ground first when I have done push-ups three years ago. I kept at it. And now kids at the gym are asking how fast I lost my belly fat when I showed them my picture. I always answer to them to "just keep doing what you are doing." It takes a really long time that other people have already quit. You are not a quitter. You just need to realize that the pain you are experiencing now is small compared to the pleasure of seeing your six pack abs for the very first time.

The First Step to Achieving Your Goal is to Respect Your Goal

The first step to achieving your goal, is to take a moment to respect your goal. Know what it means to you to achieve it.
Let's put stopping smoking cigarettes for example.You can use any bad habit you have right now that you want to change. Write down your goal for it in a piece of blank paper. It can be as simple as "Starting today, I would stop smoking cigarettes." Wasn't it easy to write? Write down the date. Put it on a wall. Better yet frame it. Laminate it or whatever to make that piece of paper last a long time.

Respect it. Imagine you are somebody else looking at that writing. Say for example, you are your grandkid in the future looking at that piece of paper with a date and a note that shows how adamant you are to changing. You will have a lot of respect because the one that wrote that note meant that even a simple act such as quitting cigarettes has a life-long effect on you.

Now imagine you are old enough to see your grandkid staring at that wall. He is staring at it with full awe. And he notices you and asked "how did you do it?" And the you proceed to tell him exactly what you did and recount the hardships you were able to endure to create this monumental achievement. After all, your grandkid may not be alive at all if you hadn't stopped that bad habit.


When you ask doctors what one advice it would take for one person to have a healthier disease-free life, the majority will answer that one should have a purpose-driven life or a variation thereof. But if there's one word for it, the Rock has it: Focus!

Procrastination is the opponent of success. It's also the reason people develop bad habits such as smoking, doing drugs, or abusing alcohol. Psychologists would call this behavior as pattern interrupts. You are in a pattern and trying to achieve success in everyday life but you suddenly have the urge to break a little. It's normal. We want to rest our tired minds and physical body. But then we start to do things  way out of the ordinary and unhealthy. It feels a little pleasurable and we do it again and again until it becomes a bad habit. But wait, what happens to your original goal? You forgot to put your energy where it matters. With failure and bad habits, you dwindle into a destructive cycle.

Just put your mind back into action. Remember the rock saying "Focus!"

When you set your life straight into purpose and you put all your focus into it, success will also give you a better life and a healthy lifestyle.

Be Yourself!

One of the most important things you can accomplish is just being yourself
When it comes down to say, a diet regimen, you may be tempted to find a role model, such as the Rock, and find out his regimen. And you may be surprised to find out that he has a cheat day that involves pancakes, pizzas and brownies. That's good but he eats a lot of them. How much? Well, it's 12 pancakes, 4 double dough pizzas and 21 brownies for that single cheat day.

Or you want a physique like "The Rock." He has 30 minutes of cardio and spends 3-4 hours of gym a day. I do want to say that yes you can be like Dwayne Johnson but it took him a lot of time to get to where he is today. He didn't start out like what he is today. You have to realize your body's limitations and work from there. You can use the Rock's health regimen as a target. But in the end of the day, you have to remember to just be yourself.

You are a unique you. You have a unique set of genes that activate on the same stresses everybody faces everyday. Everyday at the gym, someone would ask me how come I have big triceps even though I barely exercise them (once every two weeks in fact) or that I eat a lot of meat but I barely get fat. I got a feel as to how my body works after multiple failures at different diet and exercise regimens. You got to find what works for you and that will define you.

Do You Like My List?

I know there are tons of Dwayne Johnson quotes out there and they can relate pretty much to having a better health by promoting success in life. If you have ideas on how to put The Rock's quotes into a health context, why not put it down below in the comments. I might just include them in a future post. But today, I'm gonna call it a day.

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